ABSENCES/TRUANCY: You must attend all classes and study halls unless your absence is authorized by our Dean, the Assistant Principal or Principal.  Not only is daily attendance required by law, but it is also essential for the successful completion of your courses. The most common cause of academic failure is absence. An unauthorized absence for part or all of a school day constitutes truancy. FAILURE TO REPORT AN ABSENCE IN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS MAY RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC UNAUTHORIZED ABSENCE. 

    If you accumulate excessive authorized absences, the Dean, Assistant Principal, or the Principal may require a doctor’s verification for subsequent absences. Students who exhibit excessive absence patterns will be referred to a member of the Student Support Team for possible referral to the Kane County Regional Office of Education Truancy Division. Chronic truancy will be reported to the Kane County Regional Office of Education. A chronic truant is a student of compulsory school age who is absent without valid cause for 5% or more of the previous 180 regular student attendance days. 

    Listed below are some attendance guidelines: 

    If your child is marked absent from any class, please contact the attendance office at 847-289-3760 ext:3365 to authorize the absence.
    If you are calling to authorize your child’s absence, please understand that the absence will be coded as an excused absence in Infinite Campus and not present. 
    Teachers are not permitted to “authorize” your child’s absence. 
    Students are not allowed to excuse their absences. 
    Teachers will take student attendance daily via Infinite Campus.
    If you have any questions, Please contact the attendance office at 847-289-3760 ext: 3365.

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  • Bullying Reporting and Resources

    Anyone can report a bullying incident via the online U-46 reporting form

    Complaints can be made anonymously, or they can share their name and contact information. The District Coordinator of Student Discipline will receive notification of the form being filed. 

    A student can report bullying to any adult at any school site, but the most appropriate individuals are most likely a teacher, social worker, dean, assistant principal, or principal. 

    About Bullying

    Bullying is defined under Board Policy 7.193