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    In 2018, U-46 provided a Chromebook to every high school student. We are excited to share that starting in the 2019-2020 school year, U-46’s one-to-one Chromebook program will expand to include all students in grades 5 through 8. During the 2019-20 school year, all students 5th through 12th grade will be provided a Chromebook from U-46 to be used throughout the school day, as well as at home during the evenings and weekends to support their learning. Moving to one-to-one in 5th through 12th grade will allow students greater access to curriculum resources, interventions, and progress monitoring tools.

    The District will retain ownership of the devices but will check them out to the students for the entire school year as a tool to support their learning. In order for this to be successful, students need to take responsibility for the device loaned to them - similar to checking out books from the library or being assigned textbooks. Each Chromebook will be marked with a District-provided Asset Tag sticker and device ID sticker and will be checked out to the designated student using the District’s online inventory management system.

    For the 2019-20 school year, U-46 will charge each student in grades 5 through 12 a $25 technology fee to cover repair insurance. That fee is waived for students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

    In March of 2020, U-46 Went to 1:1 for the entire District. K-12. 


    How to login to your Chromebook

    At school, these devices should already be connected to the wifi.

    To Sign In to your Chromebook

    1. Enter your School issued email  (example: jdoe12345@student.u-46.org)

    2. Enter your school computer password/Gmail password


    Using Chromebooks at home with no internet/wifi access

     Chromebooks require internet for many tasks, but students can work on documents and access some materials offline as well. When a student works offline on documents, their changes will sync when they connect to the internet at school. However many of your child's textbooks and resources are only available when connected to the Internet.

    To work on any Google Doc or Slides without internet:  Before you leave wifi coverage, click on FILE and choose MAKE AVAILABLE OFFLINE. Students can then work on the assignment at home.  When they get back to school and wifi coverage, it will sync back up.  For other programs that need internet access, please talk with the teacher so they can provide a printed copy of the assignment.


    clever  (Click on word Clever to log in) Use to log into ST Math, Newsela, Raz-Kids, Istation, Tumblebooks, Google Apps (including Google Classroom), Harriet Gifford Library Card Catalog.



    About G Suite for Education


    The G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) core services are the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools. The core services are Gmail (including Inbox by Gmail), Calendar, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Talk/Hangouts, and Vault. These services are provided under the G Suite agreement.

    Schools can use G Suite core services in compliance with COPPA and FERPA. G Suite core services contain no advertising and do not use information in those services for advertising purposes.



    • Gmail           Gmail                        Drive       Drive   


      Classroom            Classroom                   Calendar        Calendar


      Google Docs       Docs                            Sheets       Sheets


       Sheets       Slides                           Sites       Sites


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