• Hybrid Students: Make sure either YOU or YOUR parents/guardians complete the Self-Certify online form PER DAY YOU'RE IN PERSON BEFORE coming into the building. It's best to get this done before you leave your home.

    Self-Certify Checkin

  • Safety Measures While In the Building:

    Masks must be worn at ALL times.

    Wash your hands frequently (you will be directed to the hallway wash stations upon getting off the bus)

    Follow the 6ft social distance signs.

    Help your teachers spray down the desks before leaving your class, and help teachers wipe down the desks upon entering another class.

    NO eating while in the building (this will significantly reduce CoVID transmission)

    DAs will escort students to the bathroom...only 1 occupant at a time.

    Students will be given grab-n-go lunches on the way out. 


  • ALL Student Groups: Make sure you login to EACH of your classes on time EACH day. Teachers will have their Zoom links on their Canvas course pages. Also, be sure to login to Canvas and check ALL your CANVAS courses during ASYNCHRONOUS Days! Use ASYNCHRONOUS time to complete ASYNCHRONOUS assignments!