• DREAM AcademyDream Acedemy

    46 S. Gifford Street
    Elgin, Illinois 60120
    Phone: (847) 888-5319

    Attendance: (847) 888-5319 ext. 5176

    Fax: (847) 888-5087

    DREAM Academy provides equitable educational opportunities and empowers all students to become resilient, respectful, and responsible citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world through individual academic achievement, and self-advocacy.


    All Dream Academy students will have the confidence and skills to embrace their dreams, overcome adversity, and achieve personal success.

    The DREAM Academy is the only School District U-46 high school alternative educational option which encompasses 14 programs. The purpose of the new setting is to give students an educational opportunity that maximizes their individual potential.

    We provide a small school environment featuring smaller class sizes in a structured setting with a curriculum focus on social, academic, and intervention lessons. The average class size will range between 15 to 18 students per class. Our curriculum includes blended learning integrating small group and online instruction.

    Students must be referred to the DREAM Academy from the five comprehensive high schools in the district. Selection is determined based on circumstances such as: social, emotional, and academic needs that have made it difficult for them to learn in the traditional school environment.


    School Motto: Some are lost by the fire, we are built from it!!
    School Masot: Phoenix

    School Colors: Forest Green, Purple and White
    Current Enrollment: 360