Parents & Teachers of Hawk Hollow

  • Welcome to the Hawk Hollow PTH!

    For the past few years, PTH raised money and purchased Chromebooks for the students to use in a new Chromebook Lab. We also supplemented the school's purchases of Common Core materials speeding the transition for our students to the new standards. The PTH raised awareness of the state of our library which lead to a generous private donation as well as an application for a grant. The PTH provides all teachers stipends for small items in their classrooms that they need to create the proper learning environment for that grade level. We also host fun bonding nights of Candy Bar Bingo, Father Daughter Dance and the Fun Fair, and we run the Holiday Shop and Yearbook. 

    If you have ever considered helping and joining the PTH, now is the time! Your children, our students, deserve our support, funding and guidance. Leadership by example is a great way to instill positive community values in our children. Your $15.00 per family donation helps offset these costs.

    PTH meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. Everyone is encouraged to attend! 

    If you have any questions about the Hawk Hollow PTH, please contact thetm at  

    2018-2019 PTH Executive Board


    Janel Yaun

    Vice President

    Steve Henricksen 

    2nd Vice President

    Dana Gilpin

    2nd Co-Vice President

    Rob Carney



    Angela Bautista 


    Kristen Carney 

    *Have a question for the PTH Exec. Board? Email us at

     2018-2019 PTH Standing Comittees and Chairpersons

    Ice Cream Social 

    Janel Yaun
    Dana Gilpin

    Student Directory

    Sandy Smhra

    Flower Sale

    Kristen Carney

    All School Activities/Events



    Dine Out Nights

    Kristen Carney

    Donuts with Dads

    Mary Troyak 

    Muffins with Moms



    Walk for the Hawks

    Janel Yaun
    Steve Henricksen
    Book Fair 

    Karen Anelli
    Rita Crotinger

    Box Tops for Education

    Janel Yaun

    Kris Walsh



    Justin Orseno


    Postponed:  More info in 2019

    Candy Bar Bingo

    Janel Yaun
    Dana Gilpin


    Lori Arenson
    Corina Halsam

     Father Daughter Dance
    Rachelle Deckard
    Holiday Shop Rachelle Deckard

     Fun Fair Darla MacLean


    Rob Carney
    Noelle Dupuis