Pick Up/Drop Off

  • Parents: Please talk to your children about these expectations!

    Students may only cross Melrose Avenue or Highland Avenue at the crosswalk with the crossing guard, even if they are with a parent or other adult. 

    Please do not bring any animals onto school grounds. 

    Students riding bikes or skateboards must walk when on school grounds. 

    If you are driving... 

    Do not park or leave your vehicle on the west (school) side of Melrose Street. This is a no parking zone reserved for school buses and day care vans.

    After school vehicles are not allowed to travel southbound on the west side of Melrose Street until all buses have departed. 

    Do not enter the parking area off of Highland Avenue. Students walk through this area and cars will make it unsafe. 

    It is illegal to pass a school bus with the stop sign extended.

    Please do not pull into driveways on Melrose Avenue to turn around. This causes a hazard.

    Tips for pick-up:

    • Come after 2:05 and drive south on Melrose. Do not leave your car. Pick your child up at the front of the school.
    • Park on Melrose north of Highland and have your child cross with the crossing guard and then come to meet you.