Dual Language

  • What is Dual Language?
    The Dual Language Program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and academic content in two languages. It offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically and learn a second language. Dual language programs foster: 
    • bilingualism 
    • biliteracy 
    • enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity 
    • high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages 
    What are the benefits of the Dual Language program for students?
    • Students develop proficiency in two languages.
    • Students perform as well as or better than their peers in non-dual language classrooms.
    • All students develop a positive sense of self and multicultural competencies. 
    • Students also develop intercultural and global competence that prepares them to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global society. 
    Language allocation by grade level: 
    Grade Level % in Spanish % in English
    Kindergarten 80% 20%
    1st Grade 70% 30%
    2nd Grade 60% 40%
    3rd Grade - 6th grade 50% 50%
    Our Dual Language Program serves Spanish-speaking English Language Learner students in grades PreK through sixth grade. In addition, Native-English speakers and English-dominant students are invited to participate in the Two-Way (TW) Dual Language Programs as an enrichment program.  In 2014-15, Otter Creek will have 2 sections of TW Dual Language in Kindergarten through 4th Grade.
    For more information about Dual Language in U-46, click here