Hands of Hope

    Hands of Hope, formerly Fox Valley Hospice is a community agency that runs group/individual support to students dealing with grief and loss.  Some examples of grief and loss could be; death of a loved one, deportation, incarceration, divorce or separation, exposure to a traumatic situation, community violence.


    Northwestern Medicine

    Northwestern Medicine will be facilitating multiple support groups at Kenyon Woods. One of the groups is designed to assist participants in building skills needed to negotiate school anxiety, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety. This group will teach participants how to more effectively manage stress, identifying “how big” the problem is, mindfulness, how to advocate for themselves and how that can impact and empower oneself.

    Another group that Northwestern Medicine runs, is designed to prepare students for success at school and home by building skills essential to managing conflicts, surviving and responding to bullying, self-advocacy and self-awareness, getting along with others, and establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries and appropriate social skills implementation.

    The final group run by Northwestern Medicine is a group

    which is appropriate for a student who struggles with controlling himself or herself when upset, has outbursts, and is (verbally or physically) aggressive toward others. Students will learn to more effectively manage feelings of anger in safe and productive ways. Aspects of Mindfulness, Trauma informed care and restorative practices will be implemented in conjunction with evidence based curriculum.


    The Girl Scouts of America

    Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois will be running Project Opportunity for girls. This is a program where girls will develop a self-confidence, form positive identities and learn practical life skills. Girls will learn to identify and resist peer pressure to risky scenarios. The activity that they do are things like figuring out anti-bullying techniques by asking if something is true or kind, BFF-forever is a long time, staying true to you in cyberspace, or ‘popularity means everything?

    Another group run by the Girl Scouts of America is focused on Relational Aggression.

    Relational aggression is a general term applied to non-physical forms of bullying. Name calling, teasing, and gossiping are just a few forms of this type of aggression. Individuals who engage in relationally aggressive behaviors intend to negatively harm their victims, often using their bullying to increase their own social status. The group is designed to increase awareness of Relational Aggression, encourage empathy and tolerance, and improve self-control and coping skills. Cyber bullying and other types of electronic bullying will also be addressed.