• What IS AVID?

    VID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college-readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll and successfully graduate from a four-year colleges or university. Although AVID serves all students, it focuses on students in the academic middle. The formula is simple - raise expectations of students; and with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge.


    AVID is a 30 year strong proven system, one which we have successfully implemented AVID at Kenyon Woods since 2009. The program continues to grow and improve. AVID strategies such as Cornell Notes and Learning Logs have been implemented in all of the content area classes, our tutors receive continual training from the district, and our site team participates in continuing education to keep the program relevant and fresh. We are excited about the program, and look forward to meeting your student!


    Kenyon Woods Student Criteria

    Students applying to the AVID program should meet most of the following criteria:

    • MAP scores in the 50%-80% range
    • Average to above average grades
    • Few if any discipline concerns
    • Potential to excel in rigorous courses with support
    • Underrepresented in the college population
    • Good attendance
    • Desire and determination to be successful student
    • Willingness to work hard

     Benefits of AVID

    • Tutorials twice per week. These provide your student with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of their content area curriculum
    • Increased opportunity to enroll in the most rigorous classes
    • Opportunity to be part of the university experience, including college visits, research, and access to a variety of guest speakers
    • A collaborative and supportive classroom environment where your student will learn organizational and goal setting skills
    • A dedicated team of teachers and administrators (our AVID site team) to advocate for your student



AVID Class Activities


    AVID at Work

    AVID Classes at Work


    AVID is an elective class where students develop their academic skills in reading, writing, collaboration, inquiry and organization. Throughout the school students use these WICOR strategies to prepare for the challenging classes. AVID students are focused on college readiness so they visit colleges. They research careers and the education needed to pursue that career. AVID students learn to advocate for themselves and solve problems beyond the classroom.


Current AVID Students

  • Click below to access AVID resources.

    Calculating GPA
    Download and print this page to use as a guide for calculating GPA

    Cornell Notes Template
    Download and print this Cornell notes template to use for any class

    TRF Template
    Download and print this blank template for doing your TRF. Be prepared for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

AVID Tutorial Demonstration

  • Tutorials are done in AVID classes twice/week at Kenyon Woods Middle School. Students are expected to be prepared and participate in tutorial sessions.