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A Message about Reporting Abuse and Assault

March 30, 2021

As we prepare to return to school following spring break, we would remind our community that School District U-46 does not tolerate any type of racist language or action, sexual harassment, sexual abuse or assault between students or staff, or any employees engaging in inappropriate relationships with students. Federal and state laws, including Title IX, Illinois’ Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act, as well as our District’s Employee Handbook, our Student Code of Conduct, and our Board Policies outline our staff training as well as reporting requirements in these types of cases. 

As a district, we have continuously implemented ongoing professional training for all district employees regarding discrimmination, sexual abuse, requirements to report suspected abuse or neglect, and other topics that address relationship boundaries as well as the requirements to report suspected cases of inappropriate behavior. 

Students or parents aware of a case of sexual abuse, harassment, or any other type of inapproproriate behavior are encouraged to report to a trusted teacher, administrator or to report information online via Let’s Talk, our customer service and engagement tool. We have an established tab to report any inappropriate relationships between staff members and students  and another to report sexual abuse or assualt by students. While complaints may be entered anonymously, please provide as many specifics as possible and know that it is very difficult to follow up on anonymous complaints.  

Let’s Talk also houses several more general tabs such as one for general questions and another to report feedback directly to Superintendent Sanders. We encourage our community use this system and/or reach out to their principals and/or other administrators with any allegations or complaints regarding sexual abuse, assault, racism, harassment, or any other type of inappropropriate behavior. Thank you for your collaboration and support as we continue to make our students’ safety a top priority.