School Supplies

  • Larkin High School is dedicated to preparing every student with the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree upon the graduation of high school. Students are provided with a rigorous set of information, skills and rapport in a variety of classes. All of the courses offered at Larkin High School are divided into 8 divisions (Career & Technical Education, Special Education, Social Studies & World Languages, Literacy: Writing and Reading, Numeracy: Math & Science, Fine Arts & Academy, Physical, Health & Driver Education, English Language Learners). We encourage you to browse the divisions listed to the left and view the collection of Royal classes offered at Larkin High School




    LHS does not provide a supply list for students.  On the first day of school, students should come with a pen and/or pencil and something to write on.  Each individual teacher will inform the student if something specific is needed for the class.  Students taking PE may wear their own shorts or sweatpants.