School Profile

  • Community:

    Larkin High School is one of five high schools in School District U-46, the second largest K-12 unit district in Illinois. Located on the west side of the City of Elgin, Larkin High School serves students from a wide range of socioeconomic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds.

    Mission and Vision:

    Mission: To develop informed and involved citizens, effective communicators, and critical thinkers who are prepared to create opportunities for their future.

    Vision: To create a community of proactive, life-long learners.


    Larkin High School is a public, four-year comprehensive high school that opened doors in 1962 and now boasts a certified staff of about 152 administrators, teachers, and counselors. Larkin High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Illinois State Board of Education. Larkin High School is the home of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy within School District U-46. This academy offers specialized training and curriculum to students in the areas of Dance, and Vocal and Instrumental music, including orchestra and band. We also offer drama and the visual arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.


    More than 200 courses are offered so that students may challenge themselves to meet their potential as well as explore areas of interest. Classes are 50 minutes in length, five days per week. Students receive one credit per semester for each course successfully completed except for some Advanced Placement classes which meet for 1.5 periods per day and receive 1.5 credits.

    The following Advanced Placement classes are available:

    Biology, English Language and Composition, Macroeconomics, Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Psychology, Calculus BC, European History, United States History, Environmental Sci, Government and Politics, World History.