Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a Response To Intervention Model that utilizes a three tiered system designed to help District U-46 schools provide students with high-quality instruction and interventions through academic and behavioral supports.

    This three-tiered model provides differentiated instruction at a universal level to meet student needs. Students needing additional support are provided targeted intervention support in their area of need. 

    Triangle Acad-Behav Combo

    MTSS Critical Features

    • A comprehensive tiered model of support to address the full range of students’ academic and behavioral needs
    • Academic and behavioral performance data through progress monitoring utilized to inform and guide instructional decisions
    • Use of a team problem-solving model for planning and decision-making

    Tier 1: Universal Core Instruction

    • Provided for all students
    • Instructional practices are evidence-based 
    • Instruction is differentiated to meet all student needs


    Tier 2: Targeted Small Group Interventions

    • Small group interventions are provided in addition to core instruction 
    • Interventions are evidence-based programs and/or practices
    • Frequent progress monitoring to ensure student is responding and the intervention is effective 

    Tier 3: Intensive, Individual Interventions

    • Intervention support is provided with higher frequency and/or intensity one on one or with a very small group
    • Higher level intervention provided in addition to core instruction 
    • Intervention tailored specifically to meet the needs of each student
  • Request for Assistance

    To request support services for your student please contact our MTSS coordinator:

    Megan Xaverius


    847-888-5000 ext. 6593