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    Applying and being part of Beacon Academy often comes with big questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions as it pertains to Beacon Academy.


    Transportation and Fees: 


    The academy I want to attend is not at my home high school. How will I get there? 

    Free transportation is provided to all students who attend any U-46 Academy--even if South Elgin is not their home school. If accepted, the academy school becomes the student’s regular attendance school. 


    Is there access to early or late transportation?

    Yes, U-46 provides free transportation for early start times (such as zero hour) and an after school activities bus. 


    Do I need to pay for transportation if South Elgin (or my academy) is not my home school? 

    No, U-46 provides free transportation for all currently enrolled academy students. 


    Do I need to buy a computer or a camera?                                                                                

    No.  There is no requirement to purchase equipment.  All high school students receive a chromebook, but it is not compatible with our editing software.  Beacon has a fleet of computers for our students to use during school and check-out for after school use. We also have cameras, sound equipment, and lighting equipment available for check-out for academy students. Students are also given free access to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite that can be used at school or on a home computer.


    Does the Academy cost anything? 

    No! There are no application, academy, acceptance, program, or transportation fees to be in The Beacon Academy of Media and Digital Arts! 

    Academy Theme and Curriculum:


    What courses do students take while enrolled in Beacon? 

    While enrolled in the Beacon Academy of Media and Digital Arts, students complete 4 specified elective courses centered around Media and Digital Arts. In addition to Beacon elective courses, students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of general education courses. Course descriptions for Beacon courses can be found HERE. 


    Can students enroll in AVID, AP, Dual Language, or Band and still be in Beacon? 

    Yes! There are scheduling options for each scenario to ensure students have the option to be dually enrolled in Beacon and other programs within South Elgin High School simultaneously. School counselors will meet with each student to discuss scheduling options each year. For  sample schedules, click HERE

    Do I take my other classes with just academy students? 

    No.  Beacon class is one period a day (1.5 periods during Jr. and Sr. year).  The rest of the schedule is with the rest of the SEHS student body.  You can take any level of required classes, additional electives, study hall and lunch.


    Do I get “honors” credit for my academy classes?

    Yes.  Incoming students will receive honors credit for all four years of Beacon.  

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