Critical things to know about scholarships

    • You should NEVER have to pay to apply for a scholarship
    • The most common source for scholarships is from the school you will be attending. Most of these scholarships are part of the financial aid package.
    • The next most likely source of scholarships is from local organizations. There will be far less competition for local scholarships than for state or national scholarships.
    • The scholarship search engines can provide lots of information, but they also are commercial sites that will want to send you advertising and multiple e-mails a day.
    • With any scholarship, your counselor can help with your application, provide transcripts, and write letters of recommendation.
    • School District U-46 has been actively updating scholarships on Naviance. As we work more with Naviance, that information should be increasingly up-to-date. Please track which of these scholarships you apply for and receive through Naviance too! The listed scholarships on these pages still provide a detailed overview of scholarships and deadlines as you plan on what scholarships you might apply for. Because scholarships are constantly in flux, these pages provide a strong starting point for research even if they do not always provide the end-point for applications.