• WICOR Strategies

    WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. WICOR is a learning model that AVID uses to help students learn at higher levels and increase rigor in the classroom.

    Examples of using WICOR:

    Writing: Cornell Notes, Learning Logs, Quickwrites, Reflections, Peer Evaluations

    Inquiry: Costa’s Level of Thinking, Socratic Seminars, Tutorials, Questions that Guide Research

    Collaboration: Socratic Seminars, Tutorials, Group Activities, Group Projects, Service Learning Projects

    Organization: Binders, Calendars, Planners, Agendas, Graphic Organizers, Focused Notes, Tutorials, Study Groups,

    Reading: Reading Strategies, Note-taking, Graphic Organizers, Vocab Building, Summarizing

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