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  • Mission Statement
    The mission of the Bartlett High School Academy of Science, Engineering and High Technology is to provide a relevant curriculum necessary to meet the rigorous demands of a fluid technological society linking challenging mathematics and science courses with quality technical courses.

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Kim Rudden Academy Director ext 4029

Department Goals

  • As a department, we believe students must:

    • Partake in an environment that applies and integrates skills acquired through Academy experiences with activity-based, project-based and problem-based learning.
    • Develop an understanding of the nature of science by incorporating the theoretical aspects of the discipline into the real life experiences of the student by exposing the students to a variety of courses using a lab-oriented format that engages them in experimentation, problem solving and problem-based learning.
    • Develop skills in observation, investigation, problem solving, communication and the use of diverse technologies.
    • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication in problem-solving, critical thinking, computational and research skills.
    • Work cooperatively and effectively with others while demonstrating respect for diversity.
    • Demonstrate moral and ethical responsibility when making decisions.
    • Demonstrate the habit of life-long learning while exploring future educational and career opportunities.

    The Bartlett High School Academy of Science, Engineering and High Technology Department is dedicated to providing educational opportunities with a commitment to excellence that fosters pride through example which will allow our students to reach these goals. All intentions are made to keep current with the emerging high technology goals, meeting national standards for mathematics, science and technology education.  

Admission Criteria