Transcript Requests

  • Transcript Requests Former Students (Graduating 2010 or After)

    All requests for transcripts and medical record need to be signed by the student if the student is 18 years old or over. Otherwise all requests need to be signed by the legal guardian of the minor. This form is only for Former Larkin High School students who graduated in 2010 or later. Please see the form below for detailed information on the various fees for records requests.

    Transcript Request Form (After 2010)

    Transcript Requests Former Students (Graduating Prior to 2010)

    Students graduating before 2010, need to contact the District Records Office located at the School District U-46 ESC at 355 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL 60120. The contact information for this office is 847-888-5000, ext. 5693, or by fax at 847-608-2759. The following form should be utilized to send to the District Records Office for these records.

    Transcript Request Form (Prior 2010)

    Transcript Requests Current Students

    Current students wishing to send transcripts to college or universities to which they are applying should see their Counselor or the College Readiness Coordinator. A signed Senior Transcript Release (located in Guidance Office) must be on record before the transcripts are sent. Students must bring in an addressed stamped envelope for each transcript they wish to send. Each envelope must have the complete mailing address for the school. Please DO NOT put a return address on the envelope.

     End of 1st Semester Transcripts: Transcripts that are sent during 1st Semester can be sent again to the same school after student’s 1st Semester grades are posted in January. The student should make this request and submit additional envelopes at that time.

    Final Transcripts: All Graduating Seniors will be asked to complete a request for Final Transcript to be sent. This is completed during graduation rehearsal. Final transcripts will be mailed to colleges and universities in late June when all records are updated. No envelope needs to be submitted for this transcript.