Directions to Other Schools

School Street Address City Phone Number Directions Additional Directions
Abbott 949 Van Street Elgin (847) 888-5160 The simplest route to Abbott is to take the Lake Street/Route 20 By-pass to Elgin. Take the McLean Blvd. exit and turn right (north). Take McLean to Van Street, which is about six blocks from the McLean exit. Van Street is on your right – opposite the parking lot of Larkin High School. The school is located about 8 blocks east of McLean Blvd.
Canton 1100 Sunset Circle Streamwood (630) 213-5525 The most direct route is to take Route 20 (Lake Street) east to Barrington Road. Turn left and go north on Barrington Rd. At Schaumburg Road turn left (west). Continue to East Avenue (it is a Stoplight) and turn left at East Ave. The school is on the corner on East Ave. and Sunset Circle, on your right.
Eastview 321 N. Oak Avenue Bartlett (630) 213-5550 The most direct route is to take Route 20 (Lake Street) east to Oak Avenue. Turn right and the school is on the left. Park in North lot and enter through main doors through west entrance.
Ellis 225 S Liberty Street Elgin (847) 888-5151 There are two different routes to Ellis (Lake Street or Irving Park Rd): 1)If the Lake Street (Route 20) is most convenient, follow it to Elgin and take Route 20 By-pass and take to Route 25 North exit (Liberty Street). Turn right on Liberty (Route 25) and go about one mile. Ellis is located on your right at the corner of Liberty and Laurel. Parking is off Laurel behind the school. 2)If Irving Park (Route 19) is most convenient, follow it to Elgin. At the intersection of Liberty Street (Route 25) and Irving Park Rd., turn left onto Liberty Street. The approach to this intersection is a steep hill – stay in the left lane. Ellis is about two blocks south of this intersection on your left at the corner of Laurel and Liberty Street. The parking lot is off Laurel Street behind the school.
Kimball 451 N McLean Blvd. Elgin (847) 888-5290 The most direct route is to take Route 20 (Lake Street) By-pass to Elgin. Take the McLean exit into Elgin (you will pass the Route 25 north and south and Route 31 exits) and turn right (north) onto McLean Blvd. Kimball is located on your right about 2 miles north of the By-pass on McLean Blvd.
Larsen 665 Dundee Avenue Elgin (847) 888-5250 There are two routes to Larsen: 1)If Route 58 is most convenient, follow it into Elgin until it intersects with Dundee Ave. Enroute you will cross Route 25 (Liberty Street). Dundee Ave. is three blocks west of Route 25. At the intersection of Dundee and Route 58 turn right (there is a Dunkin Donuts on the right). *The school is on the right about two blocks from the intersection. The parking lot is behind the school. Turn onto Jefferson (at Farmer's Market) to get to the parking lot. 2)If Route 19 is most convenient, follow it into Elgin until it intersects with Liberty Street (Route 25). At Liberty Street, turn right. Follow Liberty Street to Summit Street (Golf/Rt 58), turn left on Summit. Follow Summit to Dundee Ave. At Dundee Ave follow the same directions from (*) above.
Tefft 1100 Shirley Avenue Streamwood (630) 213-5539 Take Lake Street (Rt 20) to Park Blvd, turn left on Park. Turn right onto Krause. Take Krause (down to stop signs) to Shirley Ave. and turn left. Or take Irving Park Road (Rt 19) Shirley Ave. Turn right onto Shirley to access the school parking lot. Tefft is east of the Streamwood Village Hall.