• Supplies for the 2022/2023 School Year are being supplied by the district.  You will only need to get a backpack and lunchbox.

    Physical Education (PE)

    All students are required to dress appropriately for class, including shoes that they can put on and secure themselves, such as with velcro straps and must have non-black soles that will not leave marks on the gym floor. 

    All students must have a Gail Borden Public Library card. 

    Todos los estudiantes deben de tener tarjeta de la biblioteca Gail Borden. 

    Educación física

    Todos los estudiantes se requieren que vistan con la ropa apropiada, tenis tiene que ser de suela blanca y que no dejen marcas en el piso con agujetas o velcro. Vestir apropiadamente para la clase de educación física es el requisito.