• Mission Statement

    The Bartlett High School Community strives to create a culture that motivates each individual to reach their fullest potential.  As a learning community, we believe our mission is to promote academic and personal success for all. We honor and foster the uniqueness of our members including respect for ourselves, each other, and the learning environment.  We succeed in developing the mind, body, and character. Through these principles, our members become responsible, contributing members in the global society.

    About Us

    • Campus: 22-acre campus including athletic fields and pond.bhs map

    • Facilities: BHS has approximately 400,000+ square feet and consists of approximately 135 interior classrooms

    • Size: Approximately 171 certified staff members and 2259 students. The average graduating class is 557 seniors.

    • School colors: navy blue, hunter green and white.

    • Mascot: HAWK

    • Extra Curricular Activities: More than 70 different activities are offered to students including athletics, fine arts, and various clubs/organizations.

    • Community:  Bartlett High School is one of five high schools in School District U-46, the second largest unit district in Illinois. Located approximately 35 miles west of Chicago, Bartlett High School serves a diverse community from a wide range of socioeconomic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds.

    • School:  Bartlett High School is a public four-year comprehensive high school with a certified staff of 171. Bartlett's first class graduated in June 2000. Enrollment for the 2023-2024 academic year is 2259* with an anticipated graduation class of 557 seniors. Bartlett High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Illinois Department of Education. Bartlett High School is also the home of the Science, Engineering, and Technology Academy within School District U46. 
      *Enrollment as of 8/23/23

    • Curriculum: Over 200 courses are offered so that students may challenge themselves to meet their potential as well as to explore areas of interest.  Classes are 50 minutes in length, five days per week.  Students receive one credit per semester for each course successfully completed except for some Advanced Placement classes which meet for 1.5 periods per day and receive 1.5 credits.  40 semester credits are required for the graduating class of 2023, including the following:

      8 credits in English
      6 credits in Mathematics 
      4 credits in Sciences (2 Physical Science; 2 Biology)
      1 credit in Health
      7 credits in Physical Education
      2 credits in U.S. History
      1 credit in Economics
      1 credit in Civics

      The following Advanced Placement classes are available:


      Biology Computer Science Principles Government and Politics Psychology  World History
      Calculus AB English Language and Composition Human Geography Spanish Language
      Calculus BC English Literature and Composition Macroeconomics Spanish Literature  
      Chemistry Environmental Science Physics 1 Statistics  
      Computer Science A European History Physics C  U.S. History  

      In May 2023, 643 students took a total of 1370 AP exams.  26.8% of the grades reported resulted in a score of 3 or higher.

    • Testing Results:  
      ACT: This test is no longer sponsored by Bartlett High School, nor School District U-46, as Bartlett High School is now an SAT school.
    • 2023 SAT average: Overall Mean Score = 1011 (537 students)
    • Awards and Recognitions:  79 students from the 2023 graduating class were recognized as Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. 


    • Post Secondary Plans:  The Class of 2023, in which 586 students graduated, 100% planned to enter college in the fall with the following breakdown of information:

      42%                                4 year colleges
      35%                                2 year colleges
      4%                                  Trade/technical school
      1%                                  Military 
    • 18%                                Direct Workforce

      The above statistics were based on submitted “Final Transcript Request” forms.

    • Counselors:

      All Special Ed and  504's Melissa Ortiz melissaortiz@u-46.org
      Dual Language Diana Miranda


      A - DAU Tom Vanbooven thomasvanbooven@u-46.org
      DAV - JZ Stephanie Fullhart stephaniefullhart@u-46.org
      K - NG Laura Laursen lauralaursen@u-46.org
      NI - SAQ Cheryl Hilvert cherylhilvert@u-46.org
      SAR - Z Erin Bean erinbean@u-46.org
      Aaron Wichman Guidance Director x4630
      Christine Donnelly Registrar x4633