Bullying Prevention is Important - "All the Time"!

What is Bullying?

  • Bullying is being mean to another kid over and over again. Bullying often includes:

    • Teasing

    • Talking about hurting someone

    • Spreading rumors

    • Leaving kids out on purpose

    • Attacking someone by hitting them or yelling at them

    Bullying does not always happen in person. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens online or through text messages or emails. It includes posting rumors on sites like Facebook, sharing embarrassing pictures or videos, and making fake profiles or websites.

Anti-Bullying Links:

  • Bullying is never ok. Those who bully use power to hurt people. Power does not always mean bigger or stronger. Power can also mean popular or smart. Or, the kid doing the bullying may know a secret about the kid being bullied.

    Source: Stopbullying.org

  • When kids see bullying, they may not know what to do. They may feel depressed or worried. They may be absent from school because they don’t feel safe. They may join in or stay silent so they won’t get bullied themselves. They may stand up to the bully. But the best thing to do is get an adult who will stop the bullying on the spot.

    Source: Stopbullying.org

  • Ridge Circle is a learning environment where our students continue to develop their social-friendship skills, are able to regulate emotions and constantly practice how to effectively solve problems. Our expectation is for students to follow the Paw Law Pledge each day, throughout the day. Students must understand, any form of bullying violates our core principles of being safe, respectful, and responsible. Bullying is unacceptable at Ridge Circle.


    Ridge Circle Paw Law Pledge:

    We raise our paw to the panther pride, let's stand together by each others' side. We are powerful in making safe, responsible, respectful and ready decisions to make a difference in our school.





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