UCAL is seeking individuals who are interested in a career as a machinist. They have created a learning program where a new employee can be trained on machine operations used to produce high precision metal parts and components for various industries. The trainee will learn about the machining process, operations, tools, components, and instructions on how to operate various machines, which are primarily CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. The next phase of learning is how to make adjustments to the machining process in order to maintain the tolerances and quality of the product being made. The trainee will learn how to make entries, program, and monitor the computer machine process. Setting up the machine to operate based on blueprints, specifications, materials, tolerances, job order, and programming those requirements will be a learning outcome in the training process. The trainee will learn how to operate, set up, and program multiple machines as well as learning to become a lead person assisting other operators. This position can also have a career track in management and engineering.

    The estimated time for one to become a Machinist can take up to 5 years and is a lucrative skill trade in multiple industries.

    They are seeking up to 10 trainees interested in this profession.

    You can contact:

    Vincent Pellettiere

    Director, Human Resources & Administration


    847-980-3853 (cell)

    1875 Holmes Rd.

    Elgin, Il. 60123