School Community Council

  • SCC Meeting Dates for the 2018-19 School Year:

    Thursday, August 23rd 5-8pm: Open House Night/Teacher Meet & Greet

    Tuesday, September 18th 6pm: Welcome and Title 1  

    Thursday, September 20th 10am: WElcome and Title 1 (repeat of september 18th meeting)

    Tuesday, October 16th 6pm: Elgin Police dept. presents internet safety safety, social media, cyberbullying, etc.

    TUESday, November 27th 6pm: ESSA PResentation

    Tuesday, January 15th 6pm: High School/college planning

    TUESDAY, February 26th 6-8pm: Incoming 7th grade parent orientation


    2019-2020 Meetings:

    Tuesday, September 17th @ 6pm: welcome, Title 1 & SPED Overview

    Thursday, September 19th @ 10am: welcome, title 1 & sped overview (repeat of 9/17 meeting)

    Tuesday, October 15th @ 6PM: TBD

    Tuesday, November 12th @ 6pm: Math/Data Night

    Tuesday, January 21st @ 6pm: Preparing for Highschool

    Thursday, February 27th 6-8PM: Incoming 7th grade parent orienation

    tuesday, april 28th @ 6pm: Wrap up/Question & answer


    Logistics of ALL Meetings (unless noted otherwise):

    • All meetings have a presentation that parents have expressed an interest in learning about
    • All meetings will be offered in English and Spanish
    • Babysitting will be provided
    • Students are always welcome to attend
    • Various Abbott administration and staff members will be present at meetings


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