Welcome to Physical Education at Streamwood High School

Physical Education
  • According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, regular physical activity:

    • Reduces the risk for overweight, diabetes and other chronic diseases

    • Assists in improved academic performance

    • Helps children feel better about themselves

    • Reduces the risk for depression and the effects of stress

    • Helps children prepare to be productive, healthy members of society 

    • Improves overall quality of life.



    School District U-46 is in the process of providing opportunities for its students to explore a variety of topics in Physical Education by implementing semester only courses, called MODs. By providing PE courses for a semester at a time, it gives students the choice in dedicating a semester or a full year to a particular area of interest. This option lends itself to students learning various aspects of sports, officiating, physical fitness, strength training, and leadership opportunities. By school year 2022-2023, MODs will be fully implemented and allow for students to take PE courses with their grade-level peers. A/B=Freshman, C/D=Sophomores, E/F=Juniors, G/H=Seniors


    Courses that are offered are:

    Functional Fitness

    Independent PE (Grade 11 only)

    Lifeguard Certification and Leadership (Must be 15 years of age by the end of the class)

    Strength and Performance

    Team Sports Officiating & Coaching

    Walking for Wellness

    Read the course descriptions of each course: PE Course Descriptions.