Streamwood High School Counseling

  • To call your counselor dial 630-213-5500 and his or her extension.

    The role of a school counselor is to help students with navigating high school and beyond, from selecting classes, improving academics, creating a four-year plan for high school and a post high school plan that could be college, a career, a trade school or program, or the military. School counselors can also help students and parents increase academic success and support students' social-emotional needs. School counselors also work closely with our school social workers, who specialize in working with more signifcant social-emotional concerns that impact student success. School counselors and school social workers also reguarly work with our deans' when students need support around behavioral issues. 


    Staff and Email Address E-Mail Position / Role Student Name Extension
    Mrs. Phillips Counselor A - Co 4936
    Mr. Shaw Counselor Cp - Ha 4931
    Mrs. Bernasek Counselor Hb - Mc 4934
    Mrs. Steinbeck Counselor Md - Re 4930
    Ms. Marchionna Counselor Rf - Va 4937
    Mr. Vega Counselor Vb - Z and all ELL 4935
    Ms. Berry Social Worker A - Ha 4941
    Mrs. Schmidt Social Worker Hb - Re 4942
    Mr. Paull Social Worker Rf - Z and all ELL 6302
    Ms. Polous Guidance Secretary   4932
    Ms. Petschow Registrar - Assists with transcripts and enrollment 5514
    Other Good Contacts To Have Handy:
    Ms. Ozanic Dean A - Ha  
    Mr. Shogren Dean Hb - Re  
    Mr. Jasinski Dean Rf - Z  
    Mrs. Henderson MTSS Liaison - Coordinates student supports building wide  
    Mrs. Gallegos Bi-Lingual Liaison - Provides Spanish translations services building wide  
    Mrs. Rush Treasurer - Handles and building and district fees for SHS  
    Mrs. Girardi School Nurse - Health concerns and extended absences.  

    School Profile

    Download a copy of our 2019-2020 school profile here. The school profile explains a little more about who Streamwood High School is, and is included with all transcripts sent to colleges.

    School Code

    Streamwood High School's ACT / ETS Code is 144038

    Login Information

    How to use U-46 Computers (network login), Infinite Campus for students or parents, and students' U-46 Google/Gmail Account to keep up with your academics. For Naviance, log into your student Google account, then open Clever and click on the Naviance icon.


    U-46 has moved to Naviance for our career and college planning, college search, resources, scholarship resources, transcript requests, and all the other elements of career and college planning. It is accessible to all students through their Google account through Clever. For a short, downloadable overview of Naviance, click here. For a copy of our new transcript request authorization, click here.

    College Admission Terms

    You've heard of "Early Admission," "Early Decision," etc. But what do those terms actually mean? Click on this link to learn about the different admission options.

    A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

    Your school counselors at Streamwood work closely with the AVID program! For more information on AVID, click here.