• Certificate, Trade, and Apprenticeship Programs

    Certificate, trade and apprentice programs are an entry to get into the world of work and the careers that certificate, trade, and apprenticeship programs qualify you for are ones where you can earn a living wage without paying high costs for the additional education provided. The length of the programs vary, so we have tried to include that length here. 

    Certificate programs are usually going to be a combination of in-class and hands-on training. Certificate programs can be Basic Certificates or Vocational Certificates. The Vocational Certificates do require more classes and probably take longer to complete, but also provide more job and career options afterwards. There will likely be enrollment costs for a certificate program, though because certificates take less time and fewer classes to earn than associate's degrees (2 year college degrees), the cost of earning a certificate should be less than the cost to earn an associate's degree. 

    Trade and Apprenticeship programs, meanwhile, will focus more (though not exclusively) on learning from experience. They will usually pay a wage as you learn the job, and that wage will increase as you progress through and complete the program. Many of the trade programs do require applications and timing can be critical. Review the links, see when the application periods are, and plan ahead!  You can always reach out to your counselor or the program itself with questions!

    The Database. Below is a window to a database of certificate, trade and apprentice programs in the greater Streamwood High School area. We have tried to include length of time for each program, as well as costs, average starting salaries once you've completed the program, and areas for future advancement. You may click HERE to open the document as a viewable Google sheet. If you are working in the sheet, remember that <cntrl-f> let's you find something. You also can use a filter view by clicking on the ^ symbol on the top row that says what is in each column.

  • You may also click HERE to open the document as a viewable Google sheet.

    Community partners and employers - we know information in this database is ever growing and changing. If there is information you would like added or updated, please contact Mr. Shaw in the Streamwood Counseling Department. Information that is short and fits the existing format can be added quickly.