Attendance Procedures for In Person Instruction

Attendance Office

  • If you are calling in for an absence, late arrival or early release, dial extension 5512. If you are calling in Spanish, dial 4908.

    Parents are responsible for notifying the Attendance office of their student's absence by 10:30 a.m. on the date of the absence. Recorded messages are accepted between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays on the Attendance Office number (630) 213-5500 extension 5512. Please give the name, grade, reason and ID number to the attendance secretary. A student will be considered truant if a phone call explaining the absence is not made to the Attendance Office. 

    Excused Absences

    Absences are excused for illness, medical appointments, death in the family, court appearances and religious holidays. An excused absence carries with it a privilege of making up class work under teacher direction and assistance. Students have the responsibility to make up work missed for all absences but receive no credit if the absence is unexcused. Teachers have the option of waiving make-up work which requires special facilities or supplies. The approval of an administrator is required in cases of extenuating circumstances. There is no sanctioned "Senior Skip Day" at SHS or in U-46.

    Leaving Early

    If you become ill or need to leave because of an emergency, you must be excused by the Attendance Office, Nurse's Office or an administrator. In situations other than emergences, the proper procedure for being excused early (ie, for an orthodontist appointment, a medical appointment, a trip out of town, etc.) is a follows: 

    Parents/guardians must call the Attendance Office at least two days prior to the student leaving school at (630) 213-5500 extension 5512. In other words, any early dismissal from school should be pre-arranged in the Attendance Office. 
    Students must sign out at the Attendance Office or the Nurse's Office before leaving school. Students returning to school must sign in at the Attendance office. Failure to do so will result in being truant from those classes. Students who leave early without signing out may receive a discipline consequence. 
    Calls for early dismissal for medical appointments must be pre-arranged with the Attendance Office. A note from the medical office must be given to the Attendance Office when the student returns to school. 

    Pre-Arranged Absences

    Absences for educational purposes such as college visits, participation in civic and educational religious programs and court appearances must be arranged at least two days in advance by parents and students. The student has the responsibility for making prior arrangements with his/her teachers. Students with prearranged excuses are expected to have all assignments completed upon return to school unless other arrangements are made with the teachers. The appropriate form must be obtained from the Attendance Office and signed by the teacher in advance of the absence. 

    Absences for vacations or other purposes at the request of parents place all responsibility for securing assignments and make-up work with the student. The same procedure as above is followed. 

    Single-Period Absences

    1. All single-period absences must be pre-excused by the parent or guardian calling the attendance office at least two days in advance. Single period absences will be excused for medical or health-related reasons only, with exceptions made personally by an administrator.
    2. The student must sign out at the Attendance Office before leaving school and sign in again upon returning. Failure to do this will result in the student being truant from classes missed. Students who leave early without signing out may receive a discipline consequence.  

    Field Trips

    All school-sponsored field trips must be approved by the school administration. As an approved school function, the time spent on a field trip will not be considered as an absence. Trips will be paid for by students. There will be no field trips the last two weeks of the first semester, within one week of the end of the first and third grading periods and the last three weeks of the second semester.

    Field trips expose students to many diverse educational experiences fostering many of the multiple intelligences. Students are expected to be in school all periods prior to going on a field trip. Failure to attend school prior to a field trip may result in the student not being allowed to participate. Field trip money is non-refundable.