• Transcripts are your academic record of classes taken and grades and credits earned. Transcripts show the classes you have taken, the grades you have earned, and calculate both your Grade Point Average and Class Rank.  Transcripts will include the SAT score for the school based SAT students take during their Junior Year. If students wish to send additional test scores to a college, they must do some themselves through either College Board for SAT or ACT Student for the ACT.

    Transcripts are the primary record considered for college and graduate school admissions, as well as a record of what you accomplished academically in high school. Transcript requests fall into two categories:  Transcripts for Current Students and Transcripts for Graduates.

    Streamwood High School will include a copy of our current School Profile with all transcripts.

    Current Student Transcript Request Form


    Current Students Through Naviance:

    Submitting transcripts through Naviance  

    1. The college you want a transcript to must first be added to Colleges I'm thinking about

    2. You must move that college to your Application List

    3. You must complete the application and mark the application as complete in Naviance

    4. You may then request a transcript from the Colleges I'm applying to list

    5. E-mail your counselor to let them know you've submitted your application and completed the request in Naviance

    Click here for more detailed Naviance instructions with visuals




    Class of 2022 - Sending Your Final Transcript!

    For Graduates to send or receive an official transcript, fill out a Graduated Transcript Release Form.  See separate instructions below if you graduated more than two years ago.


    For graduates within the past two years, send form to:

    Streamwood High School
    Office of the Registrar
    701 West Schaumburg Rd.
    Streamwood, IL 60107

    Or you can email the request along with a picture ID to

    1. Cash or debit/credit card for $3.00 per transcript or $10 for rush processing
    2. A daytime phone number where you can be reached


    Prior Graduates

    Please click here to be directed to the District Record Site.