• College Visits

    College visits are a huge part of discovering if the college is right for you. The best is when you can arrange to visit the campus in person. Often your first contact is with an admissions representative, either virtually or in person at Streamwood High School. Whether you're visiting virtually, in person, or on the phone, it's always a good idea to have some questions ready to ask. Here are some great questions you can use to evaluate if the college is the right one for you:


    1. How many students attend?
    2. Do you have the major or academic program I want?
    3. Do professors teach undergraduate courses, or do you use teaching assistants?
    4. What is the average class size and student / faculty ratio?
    5. Can I graduate in four years?
    6. Will I have an advisor to help me with my class schedule?
    7. Are faculty members easy to reach outside of class?
    8. How does the college show a commitment to diversity?
    9. What international programs are available, and how many students participate?
    10. What percentage of students participate in an internship?
    11. What computer and educational technology is available for student use?
    12. What percentage of students do research with faculty?
    13. Do you have advising and other resources for career and graduate school preparation?
    14. What are you athletics and fine arts programs?
    15. What do students do for fun on campus or in the community?
    16. How does the food system / meal plan work?
    17. What is campus security like?
    18. Do you have the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that interest me?
    19. What are your admissions requirements and important deadlines?
    20. What types of housing are available?
    21. What are some special facilities or features of the campus?
    22. What is the cost of tuition?
    23. What scholarships and other kinds of financial assistance are available?
    24. Do you accept Advance Placement tests for credit?
    25. What percentage of recent graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school?