• Scholarships

    With any scholarship, your counselor can help with your application, provide transcripts, and write letters of recommendation.

    School District U-46 has been actively updating scholarships on Naviance. Scholarship information in Naviance will be the most up-to-date. Please track which of these scholarships you apply for and receive through Naviance too! Scholarships change every year, and finding the right scholarships for you can take some time and detective work. 


    General Information on Scholarships

    Here are four critical things to know about scholarships: 

    1. With any scholarship applications: you should NEVER have to pay to apply for a scholarship!
    2. The most common source for scholarships is from the school you will be attending. Most of these scholarships are part of the financial aid package. Go to the schools you have applied for and search for "Scholarships" on their web page. Look for additional scholarships through your schools first!
    3. The next most likely source of scholarships is local organizations. There will be far less competition for local scholarships than for state or national scholarships. These will be listed in Naviance and are the scholarships you are most likely to hear about on the school announcements.
    4. Once you feel you have exhausted possible scholarships at both the schools where you applied and local lists, this is the time to start considering national scholarships. The dollar amounts will be higher, but the competition will also be much steeper.
    5. Finally scholarship search engines can provide lots of information. Some are also commercial sites that will want to send you advertising and/or sell your information to other companies. Consider creating an e-mail just for your scholarship applications. 

    We have additional Scholarship Information and Sources in the following categories: Please click on the link below to go to the section. Scholarship sources are sorted by type (local, state, etc.) then by date due when we have been able to find updated information. Scholarship due dates may change slightly from year to year based on where a weekend falls, but are fairly consistent.

    1. Elgin Community College Scholarships
    2. Local Scholarships
    3. School Based Scholarships
    4. General scholarship sources, sites, and engines