• Letters of Recomendation


  • College applications, scholarships, and sometimes employers all might request a letter of recomendation from you. 

    Here are a few guidelines and a helpful form (linked here - use File-> Save a Copy to edit) to use when asking someone to write a recomendation letter for you.

    1. The people who can write you the best letters of recomendation are the people who know you best.
    2. If you have a teacher or coach who you want to write a letter for you, ASK THEM FIRST! 
    3. Make sure you give them plenty of time to write the letter. Two weeks is a minimum.
    4. For colleges - you also need to officially ask them through Naviance (see instructions below).
    5. Being able to share a copy of your resume helps counselors and teachers know about all the cool things you've done.
    6. If the college, scholarship, or employer needs to know something specific about you - let the person writing the letter know that. Letter writers can better target your needs that way.
    7. Open this form, then File -> Save A Copy to update and fill out
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  • Requesting recomendation letters in Naviance


    If you require a letter of recommendation from your counselor, or a teacher                                    

    Formally request a letter through Naviance by clicking on Colleges -> Apply to College -> Letters of Recommendation and follow the prompts


    Video Instructions