Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Welcome to the Sabre News Network Anchor page! This is where you can find all the information you need about the responsibilities of our anchors.

    Here at the Sabre News Network, we have a strict dress code policy. If an anchor does not dress appropriately, he or she will be told to return back to class. Anchors are to wear business casual attire. This means the gentlemen must wear a collared shirt. NO T-SHIRTS!!! The ladies must wear a blouse or sweater. On certain reports, anchors may be asked to wear black dress pants. Please no green or yellow clothing as this will affect the green screen. Anyone wearing green or yellow clothing will be told to return to class.

    The most important thing for an anchor to do is watch a real news broadcast on TV the night before the recording. Key elements the anchors should be looking for are body, arm, and hand placement as well as the mannerisms of the TV news anchor. The day of the recording, we ask the anchors about what they watched on TV to make sure they fulfilled their duties as an anchor for the Sabre News Network.

    Any failure to cooperate with these terms and conditions will result in the anchor being asked to return to class.