What is AVID?

  • The AVID College Readiness System began in 1980. It was developed by Mary Catherine Swanson, a teacher who believed that all students were capable of completing rigorous curriculum, given the appropriate skills and support to do so. For more than 30 years, AVID Secondary has been responsible for accelerating the learning of students and promoting a schoolwide college going-culture. Currently, AVID is implemented in more than 7,000 schools in 47 states, plus schools in Canada and Australia. AVID impacts more than 2,000,000 students in grades K-12, as well as students in 62 postsecondary institutions. 

    Schools implementing AVID at the highest levels of fidelity show significantly higher student achievement across all academic and course enrollments. AVID’ belief is that students receive messages about expectations for college from the environment in which they learn. Therefore, it is important for students to be immersed in an academic, college-going environment. The AVID campus exemplifies a college-going culture.

    The AVID System increases schoolwide learning and performance for ALL students in grade K-16. The AVID System aims to restructure the teaching methods of an entire campus and opens access to curricula that will ensure four-year college eligibility and academic success for students. 

    AVID has been closely studied by numerous research teams and individuals. AVID’s student success has been demonstrated and documented by various third party studies. The Texas Education Agency lists AVID at Berkner High School on its What Works Clearinghouse.


    Clilck here to visit the National AVID website.