Expect Respect: Bullying Prevention

  • Students Respectfully Working Together EXPECT RESPECT is a school-wide bullying prevention program grounded in the PBIS principle of a three-tiered support system for students. It encompasses all students in all grade levels at Abbott Middle School and is actively supported by all of the adults in the school who have contact with them.

    EXPECT RESPECT teaches students to report bullying incidents to adults and to stand up for themselves and others in a socially acceptable manner. Through classroom teaching and role playing, students are taught acceptance of others, positive behavior choices to handle bullying conflicts and problem solving skills for the real world. By implementing this school-wide approach to bullying behavior, we hope to stop bullying behavior among our students and create a safe environment at Abbott Middle School.

    Students are able to report bullying rumors/incidents:

    1. They can report the incident to a teacher.
    2. They can report the incident to adminstration.
    3. They can report the incident to any staff member.
    4. They can submit a bullying report through district online reporting U-46 Reporting Form.