Special Education

  • Our Programs

    Exceptional Needs: This is a comprehensive educational program that promotes independence in daily living skills.  Students will attend weekly field trips in order to provide community based instruction for classroom activities.  All students are mainstreamed for PE and lunch. 

    Modified Learning Program (MLP): This program is designed to have  a modified curriculum that focuses on core academics as well as functional life skills.  Students within this program are mainstreamed for PE, lunch, study hall and in some cases electives. 

    Cross-Categorical: Within this program services are delivered in a small, supportive educational environment designed to help the student improve academic skills  and to remediate learning  deficits identified in the student’s IEP. The curriculum taught to the students is one that parallel’s general education. The students are given common assessments as well as textbooks and are held to the same expectations as all.

    Collaborative Teaching: Collaborative teaching is a proactive educational approach in which general and special educators work in a coordinated fashion to jointly assess, plan, teach, and evaluate academically and behaviorally heterogeneous groups of students in an educationally inter-graded setting.

    ELL Cross-Categorical: Students enrolled in our bilingual program are taught by certified bilingual special education staff. The students are exposed to the same curriculum as the general education population. These students are also assigned a bilingual case manager to assist them through the school year.

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing: This program serves students who range from profoundly Deaf to Hard of Hearing.  Communication for these students is delivered using Total Communication, sign and speech together. Self-contained programming is available, as well as, opportunities for mainstreaming. Sign Interpreters are provided for students who need this level of communication during mainstream classes