Maroons PBIS

EHS Clubs

  • A'Capella Group This group meets to sing pop music for fun and has the ability to sing on choir concerts (1 per quarter). No singing experience is necessary - just a desire to sing with friends and learn modern music! Meagan Zahora Thursday 3-4pm Choir Room
    Asian Cultural Association(ACA) Forge Friendships and plan activities Laura Sandine Thursday 7:00 AM Rm.155
    Auto Club All things Auto James Tiberi Wednesday 3-5pm Auto Shop
    Bass Fishing Competive bass fishing with upstate 8 and various turnaments in Illinois $75 fee must be registered with Athletics Bob Wozniak Thursday 7-7:30am Rm. 175
    Best Buddies The general education population is matched up with the Special Ed population as buddies who then make plans to attend events such as ice cream socials, participate in basketball tournaments, pizza parties at restaurants, and more. Jessica Kling and Scott Stewart and Cait Walsh Monday 7:10 AM Rm. 243
    Book Club Read the book of the month and then join us for a book disscussion. Katie Hauser Varies, Monthly 3:00-4:00 Library
    Chess Team/Club The chess team competes in 8 competitive tournaments held on Saturdays. Chess club is open to all for casual games. Patrick McCarthy Tuesday and Thursdays September 11th - February 10th 3-5pm Room 211
    Class Council Senior (Class of 2019) Class Council is open to all members of the class of 2019. We help run events like prom, Homecoming, and Mr. Maroon. Katie Sternal Sally Lennon Thursday 7:00 AM Rm.215
    Class Council Junior (Class of 2020) Class Council is open to all members of the class of 2020, we meet and try and organize fundraisers, school events, etc.. Tim Kolanko/ Brittney Mallen Thursday 6:45 AM Rm.160
    Class Council Sophomore (Class of 2021) Class Council is open to all members of the Class of 2021. We organize events including Homecoming, Talent Show, and Prom. Gloria Verastegui/ Roberto C. Cardenas Thursday 7:00 AM Rm. 242
    Class Council Freshmen (Class of 2022) Class Council is open to all members of the class of 2022, we meet and try and organize fundraisers, school events, etc.. Meagan Zahora Jessica Kling First Friday of the Month Afterschool Choir Room
    Club Elgin(Boys & Girls Club/Tutoring) Tutoring Megan Pawlik Mon-Fri 3-7pm Boys & Girls Club
    Current Events Discussion Group Research, discuss, and debate the pressing issues of our time in a safe and open environment John Devine and Geoff Guiney Wednesday 3:00-4:00 227
    Dungeons & Dragons Saving the kingdom and slaying the dragons from a time before dwarfs and elves disliked one another. Scott Christian Friday 3:00 - 5:00 English Office
    Encounter Student-led Bible Study, Prayer, and Worship time John Devine Wednesday 7:00 AM Rm.227
    Fitness Club Providing students and staff an opprtunity to engage in fitness activites after school. Paul Pennington, Peg Corcoran, Kari Foerster Wednesday 3:15pm-4:15pm  
    French Club Parlez vous francais? Wendy Witt Wednesday 3-3:45 PM Rm.129
    Gamers Club Video Games Brittney Mallen Wednesday 3 Rm.160
    Garden Club All things to do with gardening Kevin Cleveland Wednesday 3:00-4:00  
    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia Tim Kolanko/ Brittney Mallen Thursday 3-4pm Rm. 125
    German Club Sprechen sie Deutsch? Elizabeth Plaskacz 1-2 Fridays a month 7:10-7:30 AM Rm.128
    Health Occupations (HOSA) *Must be enrolled in course For students seriously considering career in the field of health care. Health care community service, leadership development, and competitive events. Scholarships opportunities Lynn Bulter/ Kellie Mowers 1st Sem. 1hr before/after TBA 2nd Sem. Mon&Wed after schl TBA Rm.174
    Hispanic Club Celebrate all things Hispanic Juan Fernandez Wednesday 3:15 - 4:00 PM Rm. 132
    Interact Club A branch of Rotary International, the focus of the club is to boost youth involvement in the community and promote volunteering. Richard Towry Wednesday 7:00am-7:30am Rm. 122
    Maroons Achieve (Tutoring) Tutoring offered every period and 30 minutes before and after school. Peer Tutors available Della Mullineaux/Anshu Gupta/Lisa Holbrook (see Ms. Holbrook if interested in becoming a peer tutor) Monday-Friday Before/Afterschool, All Periods *Pass Required Rm. 240
    Math Club Serious competition across the Chicagoland area for the above average HS math student. Written, Oral and Team challenges are exciting and provide a deeper foundation for college success. Practices will highlight problems for upcoming contests. Qualifiers for State will compete at U of I in May. Joseph Bilyard Wednesday 7:00-7:30am Rm 117 Math Solution Center
    Math Solutions (Tutoring) Math tutoring by an EHS math or science teacher in computer lab during school Tutors Monday-Friday All Periods*Pass Required Rm.117
    Mindfulness Club Empower students to take time each week to gain self-awarness, confidence, self regulation and resilience. Valerie Grano Thursday 7:00am-7:30am Rm.158
    Model United Nations Club Engage global issues in three conferences that simulate the problem solving of the United Nations John Devine and Geoff Guiney Tuesday 6:45 am- 7:30 or 3:00-3:45 Rm. 227
    NHS Jrs. and Srs. with minimum GPA of 3.5 complete service projects for school and community. Lisa Smith 3rd Weds 7:10 AM Library
    Pretty Little Leaders EHS girls mentor girls at LMS and EMS through crafts and discussion. Lisa Smith 2nd Fri: planning/2nd Tues:activities Fri: 7:10, Tues: 3-4:30 Rm.210
    Radio Club Report on sports, entertainment, news, politics and more, or perform radio dramas while gaining valuable radio and media broadcast experience. Virginia Bailey Monday or Friday (Students can record segments on their cell phones and email them to Ms. Bailey or to the Radio Club captain.)   Rm. 248F
    Scholastic Bowl(*Must be registered with Athletics) Scholastic Bowl is competitive team trivia. Any student is welcome to join (we have a JV and a Varsity team) and you must register with the athletic office in order to compete. $75 Fee Lisa Holbrook Tuesday 3:00 PM 248E
    Spanish Club Spanish club is for students who are currently taking Spanish, have taken Spanish or those who are just interested in learning more about Spanish speaking cultures and the Spanish language. All students are welcome. National Spanish honor society inductees are required to attend all meetings after initiaiton (unless there is an excused absence) and are required to participate in specified volunteer activities determined by the club. Laura Aronica Friday 7:10 AM Rm.131
    Speech/Individual Events (*Must be registered with Athletics) $150 Fee Jessica Vaillancourt Mon-Fri 3:10 PM Rm.179
    Student Leadership Providing students a career pathway to gain valuable knowledge and experience within the field of sport management, as well as gain managerial experience, leadership opportunities, and internship opportunities related to the subject of sport management. Paul Pennington Monday 7:00 AM 248
    Student Council Student Council is a club open to all students at EHS. We organize school-wide events (homecoming assembly, powderpuff game, food drives), community service projects and field trips. Kari Foerster Tuesday 7:10 AM Auditorium
    Tech Club Audio-Visual/Help with Plays/Productions Jennifer Prise Varies Varies, after school some Saturdays Auditorium
    Testing Center Open every day to allow for make-up testing Osbaldo Alonzo April Griffin Monday-Friday 7:30-3:00pm Rm.248J (Library)
    Yearbook Club Students and staff members work together to create this year's school yearbook. This includes: photo taking, information gathering and designing the yearbook layout. Scott Stewart Friday 7:10 AM Rm.228
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Violet P-Gdula Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm Room 248F
    Latino Dance Club To provide an oppurtunity for students to continue developing culture identity and to promote the Hispanic culture thru dancing and music genres. Juan Figueroa Monday 3:00 PM Rm. 133