• To get help in any language and for any type of service, call Kane County at 2-1-1.

    Kane County is a 24/7 hotline that will connect you to expert, caring help. Every call is completely confidential.


    Find information about food, mental health resources, and if you are new to the United States.

  • Free Emotional Support Text Line

    Gov. Pritzker announced the start of a free emotional support text line, Call4Calm for residents who have been experiencing emotional distress. Residents can text "TALK" to 552020 for to speak with a mental health counselor. Spanish-speaking residents can text "HABLAR" to 552020 for Spanish speakers. People who use the service will remain completely anonymous.

    Residents can also text with key words, such as "unemployment," "food," or "shelter" to get more information about help with these issues.

  • Free Counseling Text Lilne

    Please click here to access free IMMEDIATE support.