• Sponsor: Ms. Balzer

    Locationand time: Once every 2 weeks on Wednesday's from 7-7:30 in C146 Sponsor: Ms. Balzer

    We would start with the basics, and once we reach a certain level of knowledge, we could have silent breakfasts where we attempt to have basic conversations over breakfast. Before we reach an advanced enough level for silent breakfasts, we could do a lot of art by drawing signs and making games out of sign language, like silent charades. As well as that, we could learn about the culture of sign language, and watch documentaries on the culture. During the first meeting, we would first talk about the importance of sign language, and go over what we can do during the club. For fundraising we were thinking of selling bracelets with sign language phrases on them to possibly take a field trip to a middle school or elementary school and inform others on the benefits of asl and why they should consider learning. Starting earlier would be most beneficial because most clubs start fundraising late fall. Another advertising method we thought of was going around the lunch tables and possibly teaching students a phrase that would interest them.