Historical & Current Booster Objectives

  • The Bartlett High School General Boosters have been in existence since 1997.  Activity Complex The General Boosters work to support more than 30 teams and organizations. Support is seen in the form of financial contributions for uniforms, camps, resources, equipment, volunteer hours, fundraisers, etc. All teams and organizations receive support from this group. The group is comprised of current parents, future parents and community members at-large.

    The General Boosters plan to simultaneously maintain this support effort and establish a separate fundraising campaign for the Activity Complex. Separate accounts have already been established and fundraising for the complex will be clearly communicated. Co-mingling of funds will not occur.

    As such, the BHS General Boosters have 15 years of fundraising experience and have built numerous relationships with various Bartlett High School parent groups, community organizations and businesses. Together, these groups have worked to provide for the student athletes of Bartlett High School and will begin to work to support the greater community of Bartlett and the surrounding area.