Activity Complex Beneficiaries

  • Complex Beneficiaries

    First and foremost, the activity complex will benefit the students of School District U-46. However, it is also the goal of the project to support the area Park District by creating a complex that can support the youth of the community in a variety of athletic, fitness and annual Park District events similar to those being supported on current Bartlett High School athletic fields. Additionally, the complex would also be made available to various youth leagues that support the community. The complex would provide not only field space for various age groups and sporting participants, but the opportunity to train on the surrounding track. The complex could be available for practices and events.

    Also, it is understood that the community has identified such a complex would support numerous community events including, but not limited to: Special Olympics, March of Dimes and Relay for Life.

    Finally, the complex could be made available for surrounding corporations to host events. And, potential exists for charity events at the complex to serve the community, school district, school and a variety of populations.