BHS Goals

  • The primary goal of Bartlett High School is to create learning opportunities for students that will foster success after graduating from the high school environment.   collage

    Essential to this goal is the ability to instill pride, confidence and motivation in the students of Bartlett High School. An activity complex located on the property of Bartlett High School assists toward this effort.  

    The young people of Bartlett and the surrounding communities should drive past, walk by, or visit this complex numerous times during their elementary years. Young participants in youth soccer programs, band camps, cheer clinics, little league baseball, softball, football or Special Olympics should think, "I want to go to school at Bartlett High School. I want to be a Hawk. And, I want to march on that field, run track for Bartlett or help organize the next Homecoming Assembly to be held in that complex."

    This motivation and desire is necessary to foster student activities programs that encourage students to attend school on a daily basis and achieve in a competitive venue for academics, activities and athletics. Students need reasons to attend school. Student involvement in a rich activities program promotes relationships with supportive, educational role models, friendships with like-minded adolescents and a structure for academic success.

    Activities, attendance and academics are focus area goals for BHS. Additionally, success in these areas will support the School District U-46 Destination 2015 goals for high school students.