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Mrs. Rebecca Weihofen (Peterson)

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Frank Rose

Larkin High Drama

In the Drama Academy...

  • Our Focus is committed to developing performance abilities in, an appreciation for, and knowledge of the Dramatic Arts. Through a variety of activities students in the Drama Focus will identify, design, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of theatrical and multi-media productions.

    Our Philosophy:

    The VPAA Drama Focus Curriculum is centered on the production process, including the knowledge, skills, and proper preparation steps necessary to achieve a successful performance. Rehearsal and performance experience interwoven with research and method study provides students with an engaging and challenging study of Dramatic Arts. 

    Our Goals:

    • To further develop students’ natural talent and interest in Drama
    • To teach the fundamentals of stage acting, including movement, voice, and presence.
    • To develop an appreciation for, and understanding of Technical Theatre, including set design, lighting, sound, costumes, props, and make-up.
    • To achieve the necessary skills in order to select, organize, direct, and evaluate theatrical and video productions.
    • To discover the critical role of the preparation process for all performance styles.

    Our Instructional Objectives:

    • Students will study a variety of acting styles, including comedy, drama, and improvisation.
    • Students will prepare and perform multi-faceted works, including monologs, group scenes, pantomimes, and videos.
    • Students will learn theatrical make-up techniques, including those techniques used in? lm and theatre, for characters and special effects.
    • Students will develop skills needed throughout the theatrical production process, including auditions, rehearsals, technical requirements, and performance.
    • Students will develop skills needed throughout the video production process, including storyboards, camera techniques, and editing.
    • Students will develop the ability to judge their own performance, as well as the performances of others, based on knowledge and experience of the process.