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Mr. Sean Murray

In the Visual Arts Academy

  • Humans by nature are creative and innovative. Our ability to adapt to different environments and to manipulate materials within those environments for our own survival is what has set us apart from other species on this planet. Our ingenuity has even allowed us to take a few giant leaps to other planets. Visual Art is the purest expression of that creativity. Artists are born to create. The Visual Arts Academy provides an environment for that to occur in the hearts and minds of our students. 


    The Visual Arts Department is committed to developing aware and sensitive students who are in touch with themselves as creative people, producing students with positive self-images who are able to clearly express ideas in specific art media, affording the students opportunities to explore career possibilities in the visual arts and preparing students for entry-level employment opportunities or advanced studies in the field of Visual Arts.  


    • To utilize the terminology and skills of Visual art
    • To experience and discover the relationship of ideas, materials, and processes to the function and creation of a work of art.
    • To have studio experience in a variety of Art areas.
    • To develop an understanding and appreciation of past, present and contemporary multicultural and individually diverse ideas as an influence in the creating of works of Art.
    • To achieve a level of performance for artistic self-expression impacting the enrichment of personal life and/or advancement to professional employment or higher education. 


    • To create works of Art stimulated by qualities of the environment
    • To use an Art form to express a response to a stimulus
    • To abstract character qualities of a subject or stimulus to express its essence 
    • To develop skills and technical processes needed to create works of Art
    • To apply specific technical skills, processes, and creative ideas in the use of materials for creating works of Art in district career art fields.