Fresman FAQ

  • Freshman Open House Top Parent Questions


    Attendance – How Does It Work?

    If a student misses class, he is reported as unaccounted for.  The teacher fills out an attendance sheet which is scanned into the district database.  Then an automated phone call is generated to the mother’s number listed on the student’s records.  This phone call tells the parent that if the attendance is a mistake (your student tells you they were there), it is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher who should get the attendance corrected.  The student may also see his dean (Mrs. Myers) who will help with this process.

     If the student is going to be coming late to school or leaving early from school, two things need to be done.  First, a parent must notify the school that she is coming in late or leaving early. Second, the student must sign in or out of the attendance office which is located in the main office.  If your child sees a doctor or dentist, she must bring a medical note. The extension for all attendance issues is 5512 in English and 4908 in Spanish.

    Parents have 48 hours to confirm an absence.  They can call any time of day or night all week long and leave a message.  This message must include the student’s name and ID number.

     If a student becomes ill during the school day, he must go to the nurse’s office.  The nurse will contact parents who may then choose to release their child.  Students should NOT be calling their parents directly.

     Students should be picked up or dropped off at the circle drive in front of the building by the flagpole.  This is the building entrance for all visitors during the school day.


    Making Contacts – Who Do I Call?

    If you have questions regarding a classroom issue, your first contact should be the teacher.  All are listed on the school website for both voicemail and email.  You also have received a syllabus from each teacher detailing class rules, activities and expectations. 

     If you have a question about athletics, your first contact should be the athletic office. If you have questions about anything else, your first contact should be the freshman dean.

     All teachers report to a division head and all division heads are administrators who, in turn, report to the principal.  Mrs. Myers is both the dean and division head for the freshman class.  Call extension 4915 or e-mail her at any time.


    What are the graduation requirements?

    Students need 4 years of English, 3 years of math, 2 years of science, 2 years of social studies, 3.5 years of PE, ½ year of health, and 10 semesters of electives.  Contact the counselor for information regarding these choices.


    How Do I Get Involved?

    Streamwood High School has a sports booster club and a Streamwood Choral Society for music.  Contact or Mr. Hain (4905) in the music department for membership information.  The district has a Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) for parents.  Check the district website for all open meetings.

     All other clubs and activities are listed in the handbook.  Meetings are posted in the daily bulletin and stated on the PA announcements each day.  The daily bulletin is also posted on the Streamwood High School website.  Students who stay after school for any reason other than participation in sports must have a ride home.  The athletic bus is for team members only.

     Update your home and cell phone numbers as well as your e-mail.  This allows for teachers to communicate directly with you regarding classroom issues.  This is also a SAFETY issue.  There may be a time when we need to reach you with emergency information.  If we do not have the correct number, it can cause a delay of services.


    What Are Some of the School Rules That I Can Help Enforce?

    Students may use their cell phones before and after school in the commons area only.  They may also use them during their lunch periods in the commons area only.  During the school day, phones and other electronic devices need to be off and put away.  If you need to contact your child, you may call the main office or dean who will arrange for a phone call or deliver a message.

    All students must wear IDs in the building.  This is a major security issue.  If your student does not have his, we will issue a new one and put the $5.00 cost on his fee sheet.

     All students must adhere to a dress code.  This includes not wearing hats/hoods in the building, not displaying underwear, and covering the body.  Please do not let your daughters wear skirts or shorts which are less than 4 inches on the inseam  Students must also have a sleeve which is at least two inches wide at the shoulder.  Clothing cannot display inappropriate images such as drugs, alcohol or words/pictures with a sexual connotation.


    What Are Other Parent Concerns These Days?

    Take down the serial numbers of all electronic items and have them engraved with your child’s name.  This may not be a deterrent to theft, but it does help facilitate reporting and recovery.

    Make a rule that your child’s friends cannot borrow any big ticket items.  Oftentimes electronic devices go missing after a friend has asked to use them.  The other big ticket item is lockers.  DO NOT allow your child to share.  What is in the locker is his – even contraband that he did not put there.

    Be aware that an accumulation of truancies will result in losing class credit.  It will also result in a local ordinance ticket from the Streamwood Police Department which includes a fine of up to $750.00 and possible community service.

    Sexting – the electronic delivery of words or pictures which detail anything sexual – is defined by Illinois law and subject to fines and incarceration.

    Bullying, once defined as playground taunts and pushing, is taken seriously at the high school level.  Students who bully will be addressed and students who are being bullied need to report it to a teacher, counselor or dean.

    Teens normally desire more privacy and space.  If your child has severely changed patterns of behavior, there may be more issues at hand.  Communication is key.

    If your child is experiencing changes at home – familial, medical, economic, etc. – we would like to know how to help your child during this time.  We do not want to pry, but any information you can share with us will help us be more effective in providing your child with the resources he needs to be successful.

    Anything you can expose your child to enhances her education.  This includes the Chicago and suburban museums, planetarium, aquarium, art institute, tours, plays, trips to the library, ethnic festivals, etc.  Teens report that family is the most important aspect of their lives.

    How Do You Feel About My Child?

    We are in loco parentis (in place of parents) when your child is with us.  We always want to have an open relationship with you.  YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S FIRST TEACHER.  We welcome contact at any time as we work with your child to achieve academic success, to make positive choices, and to attain personal growth.