Ready for Registration


  • You may not believe it, but registration for the next school year starts in early November. Placement in core academic classes is based on current progress in this year's courses. Elective options are many, varied, and depend on individual student needs. Please encourage your student to see or email their counselor to ask questions now about electives. Parents and guardians can also contact counselors directly for any inquiries.

    Beginning in November and continuing through December, EHS counselors meet with all students in grades 8-11 to register them for the upcoming school year. Counselors will meet with each of their students individually for a brief time to discuss placement in required courses, choices for electives, current academic progress, and plans for after high school. There's a lot to accomplish in the short meetings and a lot of meetings, so the better prepared your student is for registration time, the more successful the time can be.

    Parents can help prepare students in the following ways:

    • Discuss current progress and post-high school plans at home

    • Address any current class concerns or questions with teachers during parent conferences

    • Look through the course selection sheets with your students (extra copies below)

    • Questions about a specific course? The Curriculum Guide has all the answers and it's linked below, also.


    Course Selection Forms 24/25 School Year

    12th Grade Course Selection

    11th Grade Course Selection

    10th Grade Course Selection

    9th Grade Course Selection

    Academy Course Selection

    IB Academy Course Selection

    SPED Course Selection

    Course Selection Forms (ELL/DL)

    DL/ELL 12th Grade Course Selection

    DL/ELL 11th Grade Course Selection

    DL/ELL 10th Grade Course Selection

    DL/ELL 9th Grade Course Selection