Making An Appointment

  • Parents: Who need to meet with their child's counselor should e-mail that counselor or contact them by phone. Counselors e-mail addresses and phone number are listed on the main Counseling page.

    Students: If you need to meet with their counselors should click here to make an appointment. After completing it, you will receive a confirmation email. 20 Minutes before the appointment you will receive an email reminder that can be used as a hallway pass to go to your counselor's office. No paper passes will be sent. You also can help your parents to meet with your counselor Using the same link.

    What are the most frequent reasons that students make appointments with their counselors?

    Academic Counseling
    Students often have problems in their classes because of student habits, teacher expectations, grading systems, and time management. Your counselor may assist you in finding solutions to many of these problems.
    Career Counseling
    Although the counseling program at Elgin High School includes career investigation and information, students are encouraged to request additional personal assistance in career planning.
    Personal Counseling
    When students are faced with conflicts or crises in their lives, they have the opportunity to meet with counselors who are skilled and experienced in helping others find solution to their problems.

    * Students who are requesting a copy of their schedules or un-official transcripts can get them through their school system portal.