The Visual Arts Department


    The mission of the Elgin High School Art Department is to provide students with a high-quality art education experience. Students will learn traditional techniques combined with current trends and technology relevant to art careers, real-life experiences, and innovation. They will also develop lifelong hobbies and interests. This will be accomplished by implementing problem-solving skills, historical backgrounds, updated technology, core content, related learning materials and state standards taught by our highly qualified instructors, each providing a unique experience and environment. With our diversified abilities, the students will have a more well-rounded appreciation of the visual arts.

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  • Course Offerings 

    2D Art Intro

    2D Art 1 and 2

    3D Art Intro

    3D Art 1 and 2

    Digital Art Intro

    Digital Art 1 and 2

    Photo 1 and 2

    Commercial Art