Matt Sugrue- Ast. Principal of Innovation x8100

    Lorelei Keltner x4804

    Alan Nakamoto x8103

    Carmen Arocho Rivera

    Andrew Zielinski



    Intro to Global Business Grades 9-12

    Students will: 

    • be introduced to business concepts and their relationship to a global economy.
    • learn business and economic skills.
    • preview careers and new technologies used in business.
    • use technology to research and examine the job market, employment opportunities, and career qualifications.
    • study business types, finance, marketing, management entrepreneurship, consumerism, and globalization.

    Marketing Grades 10-12

    Students will:

    • be introduced to the customer orientated nature of business and marketing.
    • analyze the impact of marketing activities on the individual, business, and society.
    • analyze the elements of the marketing mix, sales and customer relations and how these relationships interact in the business process.
    • examine the role of the ethics and social responsibility in decision making.

    Accounting Grades 10-12

    Through hands on integration and technology, students will:

    • develop an understanding and working knowledge of accounting and financial principles.
    • develop skills necessary to prepare financial statements for an accounting cycle.
    • record and analyze financial information through the completion of accounting projects and simulations.

    College Accounting Grades 11-12

    Through interpretation and analysis of financial data, students will:

    • gain an understanding of efficient business management and decision making.
    • conduct in-depth studies of departmental and corporate accounting.

    Management & Entrepreneurship Grades 10-12

    Students will:

    • understand concepts and processes associated with entrepreneurial practices.
    • analyze fundamental business concepts and strategies that affect business decision making.
    • use financial concepts and tools needed in making business decisions to develop an entrepreneurial venture.


     Computer Courses


    Computer Applications Grades 9-12

    Students will:

    • create quality Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for personal, educational, and professional use.
    • develop skills in touch keyboarding techniques.
    • develop skills in proofing & editing.
    • analyze and use online resources for research, collaborative projects, and productivity.
    • integrate projects that offer opportunities to practice and develop skills used across the content areas.

    Advanced Computer Applications Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite: Computer Applications

    Students will:

    • master skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher.
    • advanced skill development to support college readiness.
    • be given the opportunity to earn professional certification by electing to test for Microsoft Office certifications.
    • use online learning, hands-on labs, cutting-edge resources, and collaborating tools.

    Multimedia and Design Presentation Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite: Computer Applications

    Students will:

    • use presentation software to learn the basics of multimedia design and presentation.
    • use software and hardware to create and integrate graphics, sound, and motion video for use with the social and digital media.
    • learn about various image formats, input technologies, image formats, input technologies, image editing software, audio and video formats, software recording and
    • playback, gaming and multimedia streaming.
    • develop effective communication skills necessary for college and career success.

    Web and Media Design Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite: Computer Applications

    Students will:

    • work with industry-standard publishing and web design software.
    • learn HTML and basic design layout elements.
    • create and design web pages.
    • create professional business publications such as flyers, print advertisements, invitations, magazine covers, newsletters, business cards, brochures and websites.
    • use Flash and Dreamweaver software.

    Advanced Web and Media Design Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite: Web and Media Design

    Students will:

    • use skills acquired in Web and Media Design to build web pages.
    • create documents and web sites using industry -standard software such as Flash and Dreamweaver.
    • explore and/or produce many types of websites, such as .com, .gov, .edu, and .org, incorporating advanced features.
    • produce documents and/or websites for events.

    Note: students may enroll in a maximum of two semesters.  Different projects are required each semester.