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    Dave Borg Civis/Economics Ext. 4856

    Sara Burghgraef American Studies/Economics Ext. 8205

    Chris Capps US History/AP World History/World History Ext. 8211

    Juan Bustillos AP Macro DL/Economics  Ext.8210

    John Devine AP U.S. History/AP World History/International Relations Ext. 4853

    Monica Gor ESL US History Ext.4823

    Geoffrey Guiney Sociology/Econo/AP Human Geology Ext. 8214

    Kailee Keyser World History/US History Ext.8208

    Chris LaRueAP Euro History/AP World History/AP Art History Ext. 8207

    John Means Intro to Psych/AP Psychology Ext. 5116

    Heather Misner US History/World History/Civics Ext. 8203

    Robert Morrisey Intro to Law/Law II Ext.8212

    Adam Plach AP Macro Economics/U.S. History Ext. 4824

    Felicia Randle AP Government and Politics/Civics Ext. 4825

    Jose Rodriguez Civics

    Nicole Vieille World History/Geography Ext.8091


    World History
    (9th grade -12 grade)
    Students explore the story of man from the earliest historical records up to the present century.
    (2 semesters)

    Advanced Placement World History
    (9th grade -12th grade)
    Students must be in Honors English.
    This course enables students to develop the habits of the mind and skills necessary for an AP World History exam which requires the analysis of historical evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship. Students write DBQ’s, Change Over Time and Compare and Contrast Essays for each major time period. Students explore the story of man from the earliest historical records up to the present century. (2 semesters)

    Advanced Placement European History
    1450 to the present (10th,11th or 12th grade)
    Students must be in Honors English.
    The goals of the Advanced Placement Program in European History are to provide a basic narrative of events and movements of European History since 1450. Additional goals are to develop (a) an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history, (b) an ability to analyze historical evidence and (c) an ability to analyze
    and to express historical understanding in writing. (2 semesters)

    World Geography
    Students work with maps, charts, text, and video to better understand the earth and how humans interact with it.
    (All levels) (2 semesters)

    Introduction to Law
    Students examine civil and criminal law, perform mock trials, and visit a local county court house while in session. (1 semester)(All levels)

    Law II
    Prerequisite: Intro to Law (1 semester)

    (11th and 12th grade)
    Psychology is the social science concerned with the study of behavior and behavioral change.
    (1 semester)

    Advanced Placement Psychology
    (2 semesters)

    (10th, 11th, and 12th grade)
    Sociology is the social science that concerns itself with the nature, conditions, and consequences of group interaction. (1 Semester)

    International Relations
    (9th-12th) (1 semester)
    International Relations is a semester course for students interested in an overview of America’s role as a world power and investigating major issues confronting the world today.

    American Studies
    (11th grade)
    Students may choose American Studies as an option that fulfills the Junior English and U.S. History requirementsThis course combines the disciplines of English and Social Studies and shares the philosophies and methodologies of both. The course attempts to identify the major ideas and attitudes of the American experience as they are reflected in the history, literature, and culture of the United States.

    Advanced Placement Art History-(Humanities course)

    Required Courses for Graduation
    U.S. History
    1 year
    (Pass the U.S. and Illinois Constitution Tests) 1 semester
    (Includes consumer education as required by law) 1 semester

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